Britain exit the European Union, Brexit

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The European Union is immensely popular. Among bureaucrats and politicians that is. People in Europe are slightly less enthusiastic. Back in 2005, the Dutch said "NO" to a European Constitution, like the French did before them. In 2008 the Irish voted down the Treaty of Lisbon. By now, we all know where these millions of votes went: nowhere.

The process of European centralisation went on as if nothing had happened. Bureaucrats and politicians alike blamed the public for having far too little understanding of the benefits of European unification. They urged themselves to better explain to the populace what a wonderful world the EU actually was, or at least shoud be. A citizen who said NO to the EU couldn't have had reasonable objections, he simply did not understand, yet.

Now we understand that there's a huge divide that separates the predominantly pro-EU political elites from the people. And since it seems impossible to oppose further centralization of power from within the EU, the only option left is to leave. So please visit our Product page to order your BREXIT (or GEXIT) bumper sticker. Take your vote to the streets and make it count! 

Safe journey.. 

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